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Tri-Bars?? a must or just a fancy gadget?

Hello all

I have been browsing wiggle and Tri UK building a christmas list of stuff to spend christmas money on, and have come across tribars/Aero Bars.

Are they worth buying? It appears the postion you end up in whilst using them is much more areo dynamic but looks uncomfortable!

I have also noticed that there are a few types, which is best or is it down to personal choice of postion?

Your advice will be much appreicated!


  • they are certainly worth the buy and if you get the right ones are very comfy once you get used to the position. I would much rather be on them than the drop bars, my bars are clip ons so have the choice.

    They really come into thier own into a head wind
  • nivaghnivagh Posts: 595
    This question is apt to set off a deluge of replies!

    For my part, it depends on what type of riding you will be doing. The longer you remain in a tucked / aero position, the more benefit you will get, so a hilly or technical race isn't really suited to the use of tribars.

    As with cycling itself, they don't have to be uncomfortable. The more extreme a position you choose, the more uncomfortable you may be. Personally, having got used to it, I find them no more uncomfortable than ordinary riding.

    The other things you may find is that your breathing is affected by the tucked position, and handling becomes a bit more delicate, due to the redistribution of your weight into the centre line of the bike.
  • JulesJules Posts: 987
    I have some on my road bike and I'm still getting used to them. They do make the bike wobbly. I'ver dropped my saddle a wee bit to see if that makes it more stable.

    I definately seem to be a bit quicker using them (I usually ride a mostly flat straight cycle route) but that has been balanced somewhat by the fact that I've been wary of pedalling too hard for fear of falling off.

    I'm going to try the same route with the lower saddle position and see how I get on.

  • I'm useless but I'm over a MPH quicker using the tribars!
  • Drop into a higher gear before you lay on them as you become more efficient and speed up a MPH or so.
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