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New to Triathlon and have no idea about bikes!!! Help


I have just decided to compete in a couple of Novice tri's next year and need to start training now as I cant ride a bike properly and well swimming is a bit shocking to.

Back to the help I need. I am limited on budget and have been lokking on the web and found a Viking torino 21 speed bike which looks ok and is my price range! Is it any good or am I looking at the wrong sort of thing? Any advise would be fantastic!



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    nivaghnivagh Posts: 595
    Hi Baz

    This is one of those impossible questions! People do triathlons on every conceivable type of bike, from the pro spec featherweight carbon creations, to straight off the peg mountainbikes. I saw one guy in the London tri last weekend on a hybrid mtb with mudguards and a D lock on his bike!

    Anyway, my point is that you can do a triathlon on anything that you feel comfortable on, provided that it's roadworthy. That Viking looks like many other road bikes and for £254 from mailordercycles.co.uk it's quite keenly priced, too. Decathlon also have a range of b'twin bikes at similarly competitive prices.

    If you can find a bike on which you're comfortable, and which is the right size for you, you will probably go faster than on something shiny and very expensive, but the wrong size. You will also have less chance of injuring yourself! If you really get into it, then you can consider something more specialist in the future, and keep your older steel framed warrior for winter training etc. Do find yourself a friendly bike shop who will help you work out what size frame you need first. All manufacturers vary slightly, but it will serve as a guide.

    There's my 1/2p worth.
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    BlinkybazBlinkybaz Posts: 1,144
    Thanks for your suggestions Nivagh, I have checked out the Decathlon B Twin and they look good for the price.

    I am off to my friendlt bike show at the weekend for a measure and chat.

    Thanks again!
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