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Cycle carriers?

Hi, I have never seen this question asked and its time for me to buy one so....................

What type of car cycle carrier do you use? how do you make the bike secure on it and do you lock the bike to it?

I am thinking about one that clamps around the tow ball and fixing the bike on with ratchet straps!

Any advice or experience of any sort welcome............


  • BmanBman Posts: 442
    Hi Baz,

    I guess it also depends what type of car you have. We've got a little hatchback and a saris sentinel 2 carrier works really well, except for maybe where the plastic loops grab the bike, might recommend some foam around the frame for protection, but value for money is good. Good secure hold of the bike and just use some extra strapping to secure the bike, it would take anyone ages to untie it. Holds 2 bikes fine too. But for a more expensive bike, might be worth locking it to car etc with a cable. I just dont leave it for long on the car. I think you can check whether a certain saris carrier will fit your type of car on their website.
  • all i can say is that my dad, who because he's lovely, takes me to my tris etc uses a rack that you strap on the back of the car, like the boot bit, and he hates it!! he never feels like its secure. he really really wants a roof top one or a more permanent one at any rate!! please post back when you get one so that i can pass the info on...
  • treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    I would not transport any of my bikes externally - they ride in the car with me!
  • Hi Blinky. I'm in the market for a new carrier myself. I've had the strap on tailgate jobs before, and they're rubbish. And a roof rack-mounted carrier will hit your fuel economy. So towball mounted is best.

    There seem to be loads out there, but I've narrowed my search down to the Thule Euroclassic. This is top of the range, for two or three bikes (upgradeable to three or four with an extra part), and lets you tilt the carrier back when the bike/s are on it so you can open your boot.

    It also allows you to lock the bike/s to the carrier and the carrier to the car. Looks like a brilliant design. But as you'd expect, it doesn't come cheap. eBay shops seem to be carrying them for £240-odd new, although there are a couple second-hand on there at the moment. Proper shops sell them for much more.

    Thule do similar designs for less money. Have a nosey around its website or roofbox.co.uk to see what there is.

    I should get commission from Thule, but for me, none of the other makes compare.
  • BopomofoBopomofo Posts: 980
    Thule. I have the older version but they still work just fine: easy to use, very secure etc. I think they are quite pricey - I can only say 'I think' because I got mine ffree when I threatened to cancel the order for my car because it was four months late.

    Incidentally, before you go for roof top bars think about the height of your car. I have a Kia Sportage 4x4 thingy and my bike is a loooong way up. I now carry a small set of steps in the boot when the bike is on the roof.
  • JulesJules Posts: 987
    Any suggestions I make to Mrs Jules about coming to watch me race a usually met with some version of "bugger off, why would we do something so boring?"!

    Therefore I only have me in the car and so I can drop the rear seats and stick the bike in the boot.
  • Jack HughesJack Hughes Posts: 1,262
    When possible, I put the bike(s) inside the car. Safer, more fuel efficient.

    The favourite carrier is one mounted on a towbar.

    However, towbars are a lot more expensive to fit nowadays.

    Then I would have a rear mounted rack... slightly less drag.

    However, what I am most likely to do at the moment is go for a roof-rack mounted one - just because of the relative costs.

    My bike will be more expensive, so will want it much more securely mounted. And it will only be for relatively short distances - i.e. just to the race, rather than all over europe or whatever.

    Really, I want a big van thing: When I was a nipper, we had a VW campervan - so you had plenty of room for bikes, and a changing room, refreshment room all in one. It was great. And the perfect way of going to bike races/TTs/Tris.
  • I think a lot of external cycle racks are quite honestly dangerous and many break the law. They cover your number plate and worse still cover your lights! Vehicles following cannot tell when you are braking or indicating! My rack attaches to the sub frame, has its own number plate and lights, you can also lock your bike securely to it. http://maryandrews.blogspot.com/
  • BlinkybazBlinkybaz Posts: 1,144
    @ Weavewoman - Thanks for that. i dont have a smart car but the idea has set me thinking. I am an engineer at heart and been a mechanic/teacher for some time now so.................. I am going to build my own. i like the idea of thwe thuke system and also the safe and secire system you have suggested.

    i reckon that with an exsisting towbar and electics I can make a really strong and legal bike rack.

    I will of course let you know when I have done it. If anyone in the near future see's a Viking Torino in the road or a verge then it didnt work and can I have my bike back please.
  • Does anyone know what the real difference between the proride 591


    and the freeride 530



    My LBS/car type place only have the 530 in stock, they've said they'll let me try it on the car and try and lift a bike on (which is worth the few extra ££ they are charging) as I'm a girl (albeit a 5'10'' girl) and not sure if I'd manage to heave the meaty mountain bike up there.

    They don't have the 591 so I can't compare - except that it seems to be double the price - any suggestions?

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