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New to Triathlon and specifcally open water swimming, I am taking part in the Great North Swim. A 1 mile open water swim in Lake Windermere and although not a requirement, I have been advised to wear a wetsuit......here comes the question:For the purpose of this event, do I need a Triathlon specific wetsuit or will I get away with a normal i.e. 3mm wetsuit?

It sounds like I know what I'm talking about.....not!

Any advice?


  • You could use your current wetsuit and you'll be able to get through the swim but it will not be very comfortable. Tri wetsuits are made for swimming in and are skin tight yet flexible round the arms and legs, keep you positioned right in the water for swimming and keep the cold out (relatively speaking!). If this is the only open water swim you'll ever do I wouldn't bother spending the money on a tri wetsuit but otherwise you'll get much more enjoyment out of having the right gear. An entry level tri wetsuit shouldn't cost you more than 100 sheets. I've got the Orca Apex 2 which is top of the range at 300 sheets and yes it is superb, but quite expensive. Best of luck. Relax while swimming, reach forward with your hands grasping for the water but above all relax and you'll go so much faster - believe me!!
  • Many thanks for the advice buddy!
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