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Cycling Nutrition

I've got a 100km cycle in a few weeks time - what should I be looking to take onboard during the ride?

Was going with a couple of bottles of energy drink, an energy bar and a couple of energy gels?



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    agent_tiagent_ti Posts: 306
    Depends how long you expect it to take and how much nutrition is givcn out on the course. As a general rule, I tend to have a bottle of energy drink an hour, depending on conditions (more if its hot) and then a gel/bar every hour or so. If there are aid stations giving out energy drinks then use those (make sure your stomach is ok with them first though), but if they are just giving out water, it may be worth taking some energy drink power sachets with you so you can mix more up on the way. Also experiment with how your stomach copes with energy drinks and gels, some people can digest more carbs than others, and if you ply your stomach with too much you will end up with cramps. As I said above, a gel and drink every hour is fine for me, but some people may be able to take more, some people may need to stick to water when they take the gels, so test it before you race.
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