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hi all

wanna say a big thanks to the people that have helped on here, answering all the innane repetitive newbie questions ive asked in the build up to finally racing after 4 months of struggling through injury

im now an official TRIATHLETE woohoo!!! (though not a very quick one... yet!! )

swimming in the sea is fantastic fun i love not being able breathe when swimming and cramping on the first lap of the bike was great, I have a sun burnt forehead and nose, my legs wont bend properly and i think i have probably got the biggest smile :) stuck on my face ever!!!!! what a sport.

unlike a lot of sports there didnt seem to be any obvious snobbery i racked next to a guy with a red carbon wonder bike and the worlds lowest level of body fat who looked like he loves porridge and he was nothing but encouraging helping me sort out transition and stuff.

Cheers All


Watch out ill be catching some of you soon.......


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    TommiTriTommiTri Posts: 879
    fantastic good to hear it mate. Which tri did you do?
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    I'd just like to follow on from Mat's post! I believe Mat did the South Coast Tri on Saturday and I did the same course on the Sunday.

    This was my first tri as well and I really enjoyed it!! I swallowed alot of sea water and ended up doing a zig zag swim course - but got there in the end!!

    Got my head down on the bike while the heavens opened and it rained on us for most of the rest of the race! After managing to avoid slipping up on the turnarounds I got to T2 okay!

    Had cramps in my abs for the complete run (any ideas why?) but ignored it and came home smiling!! [:D] Not sure what my time was because I couldn't hang around afterwards but I'm just glad to have finished and I'm keen to sign up for another event before the end of the year!

    (While on this topic does anyone know if there are any tri's in the Surrey area? - atm the only one I can see is the Orca one)

    So thanks to everyone who has given me advice and help, I'm look forward to doing an olympic distance next, providing I can sort out swimming in a straight line!

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    Yeah i did the south coast sprint in seaford on the lovely sunny saturday when i left this morning it looked grim. very wet.

    hey nick hope you had fun mate.

    Had a real strong current on the home stretch on the swim on sat which made it a bit interesting a few trip into breast stroke land were needed to get my head out of the water for a bit to try and breathe some air instead of sea.



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    triadtriad Posts: 62
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    I echo that, well done to all. This was my second tri. In fact I must have been in the same race as starcher. A good race on a great day. I did feel for the Sunday entrants when I woke up Sun am and saw the weather.

    Looking forward to seeing the results up on the website to see how I did.

    If you find any good events in Surrey starcher, let me know!
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