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Which Bike old or New

Hi there

I am back into tri after some years. I have a GT vengence bike which I love but I have cracked a rear wheel. It has 650c wheels but the bike is totally sound. It was part of the superbike prgramme in the late 90's and still has one of the most areo frames anywhere . I can get a Fast Forward 650c rear Disc for it and still ride (£600 new). Alternatively, I can get a new bike but is all the hype really true, sure the bike are a little lighter now, but is that worth £1-2000 extra. What do you think. Tom


  • transittransit Posts: 163
    Hmm, interesting one. Sounds like you're fairly serious if you're buying a disc wheel for £600 and ,therefore, probably worth considering a new bike (does that make sense?).

    if it was me, I'd buy a cheaper wheel and see how the overall thing faired. Do you not have any training wheels you could use temporarily? If you did get some cheaper wheels you could use them as training wheels/bike anyway and buy a more expensive bike later.

    This may be completely not what you're thinking but just an idea
  • TomTom Posts: 3
    Hi there

    Would do that but the front wheel is a three spoke Carbon that you can't get a rear for now because Spin Wheels are out of business. Also 650c's are difficult to find, so I could only locate three Carbon wheels from Hed,FF Cormia that do 650c. All of these are £600. I tried Ebay but too many horror stories on what you get. Do you have a wheel in mind that I might get for less that £600 that would go on the bike?

    Best Regards Tom
  • BARNYBARNY Posts: 157
    You can get some bargain 650 wheels on e-bay!!
  • transittransit Posts: 163
    I know what you mean about E bay, I am not keen at all. I am not sure about availability - that may be the downfall of my proposal!!! You might be able to buy rims etc and/or get someone to build some for you. I'm keen to look but apparently I have work to do!
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