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Advice for new triguy

Hi, I have my 1 sprint in Eton in 2 1/2 weeks. So far have been training for all three disciplines, can swim for either 25 mins continous front crawl or 35 mins doing drills, cycling shouldnt be too hard as been doing spinning classes and taking the bike on the road for the miles and the 5k run should be ok as I can run for close to 10K comfortably.

I have dont a few bricks of bike and run and felt ok,

I was just wondering should I do a swim bike run this week and next to get my body used to doing all 3?

Also if any one has any good diet or nutrition tips I would really appreciate it.

I am 183 cm and 87kgs, would like to be about 80 - 82 kgs.


  • triadtriad Posts: 62
    If you've not put all three together yet, you should do so this week, you need to get used to the muscle changes and the equipment changes. Given how close you are to race day, perhaps slightly cut down the distances. You can then do either a swim bike or cycle run early the following week, again cutting the distances, but you don't want to be training much within 4 or 5 days of the race. Whilst I am not an expert, this would work for me if it was my first again. Under training, look up taper on google.
  • transittransit Posts: 163
    Good advise Triad. I agree, cut the distances right down so you're just working on the transition of eqt and body. E.g. If possible, do a session 5mins cycle, 2min run, 5min cycle, 2min run. That way you can maintain quite a high intensity which will mean you are tired doing the transition which is how it will be in the race and lots of practise to - it shouldn't make you too tired for the race either. To be honest I am not sure how much adaption your body will be able to go through in the limited time but it is probably still worth doing.

    Is it a wet suit swim? If so, practise getting it off quickly, if not then just make sure you know what you're doing with your eqt.

    Main thing is to really enjoy it. Presumably your target is to finish rather than a super quick time, in which case pace yourself during the event and as you reach the end you can start to ramp it up - especially as it sounds you've got miles to burn in your legs
  • BeanoBeano Posts: 15
    Thanks folks,

    Just back in did 20 minutes in the pool. straight out onto b ike for 10 miles straight into 5K run, legs were buggered for first 5 mins on run. Should I do it again next week, say next thursday, 10 days before the race??
  • TommiTriTommiTri Posts: 879
    I'd say yes. [:D]
  • BeanoBeano Posts: 15
    I am going to do a gym session this arvo and was wondering what I should do, longer at say 75% or should I do an interval session, 5 mins bike and 2 mins run x 3/4 sets at say 90%.

  • Eton was my first earlier this year.Yes the legs did wobble after the cycling...there is no water stops on the run so next time I plan to carry a bottle.

    But still it is less daunting than Windsor maybe because it is a lake rather than a river and is flat for the cycling. Everyone seemed to be very helpful, so I'd say just enjoy it. [8D]
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