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another bike question

Is now a good time to be buying a bike for next years events or should I put it off till the 2009 bikes come out? Been looking at 3 or 4

Specialized Transition Expert 2007 - £1200 (or £1000 for the Comp)

Felt S32 2007 - £950 (or £1300 for S22)

These prices seem pretty good?


  • Jelly legsJelly legs Posts: 278
    Mate in my opinion if your looking at 2007 bikes, do it now.

    You will get a deal on an 2008 bike when the new model 2009 come out.

    But it might not be as good a deal as those.

    I'm going to get one in about april/may 2009, and will just buy what i can afford at that time.
  • I am using a hired Giant bike for season but fancy getting a decent bike.

    My first dilema was Road V TT. I've decided on the TT as it is designed to go fast and I don't plan on using it for work or cycling with kids.

    My next dilema is Specialized or Felt. Evans are selling a Specialized Transition expert 2007 for £1299.99 but now I an reading that the Felt (never heard of them before) is a better bike (looking at Felt S22)

    I like the idea of owning a Specialize, the badge, love the yellow (sorry a girly moment there) but IF the Felt is a better bike I need to rule with head over heart, I don;t know which way to go, views please, Thank you

  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    All I can suggest is to do some searching for reviews and go from their. I quickly found this which may be of interest to you




    Also have a trawl though previous bike posts to see what bike would suit you best - I have some views on this in my postings




    I understand the bikes have a seatpost angle of 75.9 for the Felt and 76.5 for the Specialized which puts them in line with Time Trial than all out Tri geometry but do some more reseach to see what is best for you, are you an experienced cyclist? are you more of a runner? My personal opionion if you are a runner the steeper angle favours you best
  • In this months 220Mag, they compared the Specialize and the Felt.

    before reading the mag, and chatting to others I would have gone for the Specialize but now I'm leaning towards the Felt.
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