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New pedals and shoes

Just ordered a focus tri bike,and my current bike only has toe clips on the pedals(don't laugh!!)

So I was looking for some advice on what pedals and shoes I should buy?There seem to be so many different makes of pedals and shoes!!

I do a couple of tris,and a couple of duathlons each year so I'm not too hard core.

Any suggestions gratefully received


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    TommiTriTommiTri Posts: 879
    I'd say either look keo pedals, they are excellent for the price and you should be able to get them cheap now in end of season sales.

    The range of shoes is endless, I have specialized trivents, and they are excellent, but quite pricey at 100, I would say definately get some tri specific ones tho, prices start at about £50.
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    I just picked up some Northwave Tri shoes from Wiggle. On sale for around £70. Very happy with the fit and like the big loop on the heel to help in transition. They are white, as many shoes seem to be these days. Should fit nicely with the Focus Tri colour scheme??
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    sfullersfuller Posts: 628
    I have Shimano SPD-SL Ultegra pedals and Northwave tribal shoes. excellent combination.
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    why would anyone laugh at toe clips?! i only got clipless because i couldnt get my head around the cages!! i had them on and took me that long to get one foot in i gave up!! but honest you will love the clipless pedals and shoes, made a big difference to me.

    a word to the wise though - remember when you get on the first time you twist to get out!! I tried them for the first time in my drive and no doubt made my neighbours cry with laughter when i clipped in totally stock still then ..... boosh!! fell as if in slow motion without having moved an inch!! [:@]
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    julesojuleso Posts: 279
    When you're practising with the new system - do it in a car park - but when you step down, don't step onto a drain cover - it's not clever!
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    BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    No but it is funny to watch..
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    I think it must be part of the initiation - if you are going to go clipless - you are going to fall off! I am quite new to them as well.

    I went for Shimano SPD and Shimano TR50's as they were the best fit (as well as being lovely carbon to match my lovely shiney new carbon bike!!!)

    The bike shop said the pedals were nice and easy to use for someone new to clipless as they would be easy to locate etc.

    Nevertheless, within 2 weeks I had a bit of an issue trying to unclip my left foot when coming to a stop at a junction on my way to work and keeled over in a big heap on the pavement! Thankfully it was early in the morning so not much traffic and not too many peple to point and laugh at me! But I did scratch my bike and was gutted - boo hiss!
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    julesojuleso Posts: 279
    By the way, Cheshtrier, personally I'd recommend SPD as an easier option when you're getting used to clipless. I had real problems with the Look system because I would automatically push off with the foot that's not in the pedal when moving off (I mean that I tried to give an actual push, imagining I was still on my town bike with trainers on); and if you do that with Look, it slips on the ground, getting you nowhere and creating quite a dangerous situation if you're crossing a road. With an SPD shoe you can still push off, should you be in the habit of doing so; and you can also clip into the pedal without having to look at it. These may seem like minor things but they made a real difference to my cycling.
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    what do you do instead of pushing off then with the Look system? im using the SPD and so still push off... how do you get the momentum>

    i dont know about you but pushing off at major roundabouts is a pain in the ass. dont know how you would do without...

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    MrSquishyMrSquishy Posts: 277
    I managed a year with my SPDs, and then last weekend an amatuerish track stand at some traffic lights went slightly skew-whiff and I stacked it sideways on to the pavement, was only about 50m from home as well. I feel like I've joined a special club now, my mum would be so proud (sniff).
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    BopomofoBopomofo Posts: 980
    It's not just a newbie stunt, you know, this falling off business. In the London->Brighton bike ride this year I got into Brighton in a small pack of fairly fast roadies, about a dozen of us. A few guys were wearing team kit on the ouside of the pack.

    We were waved straight through a bunch of traffic lights by Mr. Plod, but eventually we got to set where we had to stop.... We spontaneously formed a line right across both lanes, and as we stopped, the guy on the end in his pro gear on his pro bike just sloooowly went over.

    Plod managed to keep a really straight face as he gave directions to a bike shop which sold stabilisers.

    Back on topic... I've been using SPD for years (mountain bike pedals) because it allows me a bit more knee flex.

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