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Just taken delivery of my new Focus bike which has very skinny tyres, that can only be described as slicks on it(I sound like a grumpy old man!!).My question is...........are they any good in the wet?


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    ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    Schwalbe Ultremos

    Have them on my Focus, never used them in rain so far, was going to replace them but did a search and found this


    and this


    So feeling seems to be surprisingly OK in the rain

    First saw a Focus Tria in the flesh (?) at Rother Valley triathlon, absolutely honked it down - I was drier before I got out of the lake. Guy who rode the Tria in the Olympic distance came about 30th overall so couldn't have been too bad.

    Let us know how you get on and likewise but so far no hairy moments.

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    paulfitzpaulfitz Posts: 67
    I remember reading somewhere that if you have slick thin racing tyres on your bike. The surface area touching the tarmac is so small, that buying some with something resembling a tread is pointless. It makes little or no difference to the ability to stay upright on wet roads, due to the contact patch size

    Not sure I would want to risk trying it, and obviously the wider the tyre, the more the tread becomes effective. But then again, doesnt that just slow you down too much due to friction? [8|]
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    abrewerabrewer Posts: 41
    Cars have tread in tyres to disperse the water on contact with the road and stop them aqua-planing. However this isn't an issue on two wheels so you don't need much tread even in the wet so reckon you should be fine...... (probably)

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    I've used IRC Redline and Continental GP3000 in very wet conditions and they have both been great. Neither have any tread to speak of, particularly the Redlines, but I've never had a "oh bugger!" moment approaching a junction at speed.

    The Redlines are probably better but are hard to get hold of now.
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    HodgsonHodgson Posts: 13
    I've got a Focus Tria and use it in the wet all the time. Have complete confidence to take straights and corners at normal speed. Just remember when speeding along at 40km/h it takes a while longer to stop than usual. Something I forgot once and ended up on a car boot.
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