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Swimming sets (faster without legs?)

I am trying to improve my swimming technique and started to do drills of 10 lengths - with and without a swimming float

when I dont use my legs and stick a float between my legs - I am 30-40seconds faster on a drill - compared with no float and using my legs [sm=rolleyes.gif]

how can I convert that time saved into normal swim drills ? (given a float between my legs is probably out of the question in a race [:D])

I can only presume it is something to do with my body position in the water being more streamline when using the float

anyone found similar or have any advice ?

thanks !



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    BopomofoBopomofo Posts: 980
    I can only presume it is something to do with my body position in the water being more streamline when using the float

    Hi Nige,

    Excellent stuff. You're already thinking about the problem, and self-diagnosis is the first step to improvement (so my coach says). [;)]

    So...your legs are dropping without the float. The problem could be at either end (or indeed both!)

    1) Are you lifting your head too much? This will drive your legs down. When you swim with the float do you feel as though your head is lower than normal, do you find breathing is a bit different or diffcult? You might be swimming head up slightly, or lifting to the front when you breathe.

    2) The problem could be to do with your kick:

    2a) Are you kicking enough? Do you usually drag your legs a bit, or do you have an active kick?

    2b) Are you kicking properly? You should be kicking from the hip, with your knees slightly bent and your feet being floppy paddles. Your knees should not actually flex much at all. If you flex your knees too much (like pedalling underwater) it actually pulls your legs down underwater. Try this holding onto the side of the pool. I can physically sink myself by kicking incorrectly!

    Sorry.. no magic answer, just questions for you to think about. Have a think about the answers and you're probably on your way to a fairly quick fix.

    I'm not a coach, btw, but I've got one! I'm just speaking from a 'fair amount'[8D] of swimming experience. I used to have this problem.... I was a knee flexer.

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    transittransit Posts: 163
    Bopo, Nige,

    A text book answer there! It is a really commom problem with alot of swimmers, especially novices. Can't add any more to that advice other than I will be pointing alot of people I train with in the direction of this thread!!

    Nice one

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    NigeNige Posts: 2
    thanks so much for the advice - been down the pool tonight and I knocked three mins of my 60 length time - not getting my head down was definitely part of the problem

    I think with some more leg drills and some concentration on the quality of stroke things will get even better

    many thanks
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    BopomofoBopomofo Posts: 980
    3 seconds a length... excellent! Glad to be of assistance. Enjoy your training, Nige. [:D]
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