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Open Elbo

Umm.. Well if you can swim I'd say give it a go but if you can't even wear a T-shirt then a wetsuit sounds a bit unilkely. It all depends on how you feel really. Do doubt it will rub and get sore. (well more sore...)

On the vaseline front - you don't really want that on your wetsuit so perhaps some other type of dressing might be better. I'm sure there'll be someone on here who can dish out a bit of medical advice. The only other thing I'd say is that it's not a great idea to race on painkillers - could you do it without?

I know you'll be trying every way you can to compete but at the end of the day - it's just one race - there'll be plenty more. Put your body first - it always pays off in the long run.

Whatever you decide - best of luck with it and sorry if I sound a bit negative


  • Wondering if anyone had any advice.

    I went down a childs slide (20ft) and managed to friction burn my elbow (about 3in long) its on the joint so everytime i bend my elbow the scab keeps cracking and weeping. I cant wear a shirt as its too painful. My question is i have a triathlon on Sunday and i need to wear a wetsuit are vaseline and painkillers a good idea or should i scrap the idea totally


    thanks guys
  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    If in doubt don't race. If you have an open wound and then go swimming amongst duck poo you could be asking for trouble. I took a tumble the week before my first event this year and scratched because of open wounds, not happy but then it was own fault - talking of which what were you doing you 'nana? Bet you won't do that again in a hurry.

    Have you tried a spray on dressing? If you decide to continue how about applying the spray on bandage and then sliding a plastic bag over the wound and taping above and below to seal the poly bandage then ripping off in T1. Providing the pain is not too bad I doubt if much water if any would seep in (depending of course on the fit of your wetsuit). Then in T1 give it a wipe with a sterile gauze and give another dose of the spray on dressing.

    Anyway if you decide to scratch don't regret it, your health is the most important thing.
  • Don't swim with a big open wound or graze.

    Err... that's all, really.
  • Spray on plaster[;)] Very good on wounds in awkward areas. But as mentioned above, best not swim in pond with it.
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