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Zipp Sub 9 Disc ceramic bearings

Zipp Sub 9 Disc ceramic bearings used for 3 times.

This disc is the fastest rear wheel around, with Zipp helping to win no less than 9 medals at the Beijing Olympics, Zipp wheels they need no introduction.

This wheel linked with a Zipp 808 front can save 98 seconds over a 40km course compared to a set of normal Mavic Kysriums*. Now this is a real advantage, which is created by the extensive research by Zipp. Can you afford to not use this in your next iron man / Triathlon / Time Trail? The disc is very light and stiff and will make your ride comfortable and easier when cornering.

No damage and if you looked at it you would think it was unused.

RRP £1700 - contact me for price.

Tubular fitment - 700c - campag 10 spd fitment - can be changed to shimano.

NOTE the Sub 9 is incompatible with Scott Plasma and Giant TT frames.

*source Zipps website


Any questions please PM, no dreams cash on collection preferred - Manchester / northwest


  • Your right I can't afford to use them in my next iron man / Triathlon / Time Trail...........[:-]
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