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Training questions

Hi All,

I've just started training, cycling is fine as already do that and running is building up nicely. I started swimming a few weeks ago (in the sea) and that is proving a little moredifficult. I am just completely shattered afterwards. I come out the water feeling ok and thinking that a run or cycle would be ok and then an hour later I am a wreck. Any suggestions?




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    Like anything new it takes a while to acclimatise - the muscles you're using aren't used to the type of exertion you're putting on them. If you stick at it you'll be fine, but it'll take a few weeks. Sea swimming is renowned for being particularly tough so don't get demoralised. In fact you should feel pleased that you're getting at least double the work out that people in pools or lakes are getting! Final comment is just to make sure you're swimming with someone else - any kind of open water swimming is risky but risks are greatly minimised if there's someone to look out for you, particularly at sea.
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