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Just signd up for the London Tri and I'm looking to start my open water training. Don't own a wetsuit so whats a decent wetsuit and how much should I be looking to spend?



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    MGMG Posts: 470
    If its your first event I would have a look at hireing one. Theres a company that the london tri is affiliated with that hires for £50 a season (i think) then gives you the option to buy it off them when your lease is up.

    Failing that, get down to the TCR (Surrey 7-8th Feb) they'll have an endless pool down there which enables you to get suited up and try and test all the wetsuits in your (and out of your) price range. This would be benificial because you'll be buying the one that fits you best.

    Lots to consider when buying a wetty. Bouyancy, some need loads others less, fit, comfort, and obviously price......

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    Good advice from MG about TCR show. Trying to get there myself but think I might try Heron Lake.

    I am also looking at getting a wetsuit this year. Found this about Heron Lake which may be helpful. http://www.sbrsports.com/help/openwater

    The dates are for last year but presumably they should open at around the same time of year. Also, any money you have spent testing the wetsuits goes towards the purchase if you buy one there. Plus you also get to practice some open water swimming in preparation!!!
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    MowfMowf Posts: 272
    Wiggle is also a good option. They do it on a kind of buy and return thing. I.e. you pay for the full value of an Orca S2 and then send it back when you are done to reclaim half. If you dont send it back you keep it. I kept mine as it is a bargain - especially if you are not fast enough yet that your equipment (rather than your fitness) is slowing you down.

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    jonnnijonnni Posts: 32
    Hiring mine from TriUK for £25 for the season plus postage plus £50 deposit and if you like it you can keep it
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    GHarvGHarv Posts: 456
    Getting a good fit is key.

    If you can try then great - TCR would be a good bet. Otherwise most stores will only stock one or two brands and the best deals tend to be online e,g, Wiggle Orca S2 £99.

    I bought through Tri UK but over the phone so i could discuss sizing - the lady i spoke to was brill and sized me up perfectly and the suit arrived and was a perfect fit.

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    GGBGGB Posts: 482
    Have been looking into this too and think I will go for the Tri-Uk ones - its a good price and by all accounts a reasonalble suit for a starter. Think I will take a trip down to their shop and see what else they have for me to spend my hard earned cash on at the end of the month.
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