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Help lighten my way please.....

Ive decide to get rid of my car and start riding to work the problem I have is ....

I live in the lovely Hertfordshire countryside with lovely leafy lanes with pot holes and road kill galore and I start work at 6am. which means I have to leave at about 5 ish which is very Dark (and rather scary if you ask me).

So does anyone have any suggestions for putting together a good cheapish light setup I have been think about a strap on head light on my helmet but i dont know if itll be more of a hinderence than a help , I've looked at various makes and models but i dont really wanna spend 200+.

thanks.. I think I actually managed to ask a question then, although reading back I dont 'alf go on




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    Hi Mat,

    5am is a good time to cycle - athough it's dark, it's not too busy.....

    I have a simple double set of halogen lights I picked up from argos for about £25. battery pack is BIG (but re-chargeable).. I normally use 2 rear lights - 1 flashing and 1 on constantly. Also wear a hi-vis cycle jacket.

    Not tried head mounted lights, I kind of always thought of them as more off road systems..

    if this is a serious option of getting rid of the car, I might suggest investing in a decent set of lights - I was really impressed with the double/triple cateye solutions but they were a bit pricey (£199+ retails, on Ebay for about £115).

    I went for the cheaper option as I couldn't justify the expense...


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    starcherstarcher Posts: 126
    Cheers scott,

    The Argos twin lights looked good value but I was unsure about how much of the road they would light up and if they were more for just being seen rather than see where your going .

    If i could get i past the missus i'd go for the big expensive lights but I need to see if I really do ride in every day to justify the cost.


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    GGBGGB Posts: 482
    I have the following on my bike


    I know they don't sell them at Chain reaction now - but other places sell them and you can see the reviews on there.

    If on unlit roads I would probably buy 2 but for dimly lit roads one is enough and works wonders - has two light levels and and flashing setting - Only problem is if its on full power the batteries don't last that long.

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    Electron 10 + 5w but they need charging alot. i use a multi led lamp. Lots of very bright ones out there. after few weeks you'll know every lump and bump anyhows.

    I sold my car last year about this time, never looked back but need lots of support from my wife with regards to lifts and car loan during the season.

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    starcherstarcher Posts: 126
    Funny you mention lift gaterz I've already had one minor disagreement about how I'm gonna get home from scrap yard when i send my car of to be squashed, think some major beggin is needed for lifts to races.

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