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Anybody getting bogged down with this nasty cold thats been doing the rounds????

I've had it for coming onto two weeks now, can't shift it. Been to the docs to get antibiotics as it hammered my chest as well....

Not done any training, feel like crap and have zero energy levels....

Its really getting me down in the dumps.


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    Mine only lasted two days, but lots going about so will get it again no doubt.

    I just rest, get pilled up and take multi vitimins.

    Hope you get well soon!!! At least the weather is poor so your not missing out on any good miles.
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    BlinkybazBlinkybaz Posts: 1,144
    I had the dam thing for about a month!

    Every time I thought its gone it bite me on the ass again.

    I got to the point I thought a really hard run might sweet the thing out. Big mistake, it just made me cough and splutter for a week as well as have a cold. (man flu)

    I just did nothing just rested and lemsipping.

    Back at work today for the first time with no runny nose and no other symptons. HURRAYYYY!!!!

    Get well soon!

    Get well soon
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    shadowone1shadowone1 Posts: 1,408
    I'm genuinely all bunged up. I can hardly breath through my nose and I feel like hell.

    I've never had the cold as bad as this. Just waiting for it go and then I'm going to pummel myself. I hate not being able to train in some form.

    tic tok till the bleeding thing goes away.
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    There's been a horrible one doing the rounds of my office. I rarely take time off for illness but this one laid me low for 3 days and 3 weeks later I'm still bunged up and sneezing.
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    woodywoody Posts: 52
    yes, on and off for the last month, done nothing,and it's hitting me really bad as i suffer from asthma.
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