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Whats the general opinion on a claud butler san remo 2008 as a beginners bike???


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    transittransit Posts: 163
    A mate of mine got the San Remo in 2003/4 and it was a good starter bike for a couple of hundred quid, however, I've just checked the spec. on a website and it was retailing at £370 for what I think is a distinctly average spec. - it would be ok but that's probably all. I think there must be better out there although I have to admit I don't know any cos I am haven't bought a bike for a while. If you can get it cheap then fine, if not might be worth shopping around, Giant?, Decathlon? Ribble? stuff like that maybe.
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    Think itd been reviewed in a previous edition of 220. I owned one about 3 years ago and to be honest, unless they have significantly changed the spec I wouldnt give much more than a couple of hundred quid. The one I had was sora groupset which meant there was no casette on the back. I had trouble with a lot of noise from rear hub and took it upon myself to regrease the bearings. This did help. I found the frame quite heavy and difficult to get aero. However just looking at some web pages it does compete well with other bikes at similar price. Not sure how much you can stretch your budget but the giant SCR 3.0 at a shade over £450 is definitely worth the extra cash. It will be easier to upgrade and will probably last you longer before you want to splash out again.
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    toadtoad Posts: 104
    My first road bike was a claude butler, as an entry level bike I had no problems with it. It served me well and managed to pass a few higher spec bikes in its time.

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