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neewbie advice

Can anyone give me some dietry advice??

I'm eating plenty of oats, chicken, rice, etc but I'm don't feel I'm getting the right foods into me.

Also, what time should I be aiming to do a 13m cycle run in?? Bearing in mind it very hilly....

Glad to say that I've managed to ditch most of the booze, tonned back up and need to take the next few steps and I think diet is the problem.



  • transittransit Posts: 163
    Hmm, hard to say what might be missing without more details. Are you eating lots of fruit and veg? Brown rice, pasta and bread? Are you eating too much at each sitting? Some of the things may just disagree with you. Sounds like you're doing really well by cutting booze and toning up - maybe it's the booze withdrawl [:o].

    a 13m cycle run in??

    cycle run? that confused me - have to be careful how you word things on the tri website as run means run! er, hilly ride, hmm, maybe 15mph which would be 52mins for 13miles. If you can do faster then great - if it is a circular loop so you have net altitude gain of zero then maybe 16-18mph if you have warmed up and then gas it - in fact quicker still er, above 15mph is good.
  • Just aim to build up a good cycling base without doing your knees in within the first few weeks.

    Buy a HRM and cycle to the correct zones, its not all about the speed.
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