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Lack of training

Congrats to all those who completed their tri's at the weekend, the weather must've made it a lot harder.

I, on the other hand, spent saturday and the Hampden Park to watch the drudgery that was on show. This was made slightly better with the corporate hospitality. I managed a decent turbo session on Sat morning, but done no training on Fri on yesterday.

So I will be aiming for a 30k bike run and brick session tonight. I have decided to leave work early so that I can get a decent session.

I always feel that if I miss a training session that I'm letting myself down. To be fair I have been training hard over the past few weeks so I'm not going to be too hard on myself.

Its still very warm and its brilliant.


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    Know what you mean, I attempted to watch it, but pretty dull stuff, much nicer to sit in the sun. ( and I support rangers!!)

    Good luck with tonights, brick session, its stifling out there.

    I finish at 7 tonight and quick cycle home will do for me!!

    I was in the pool at 8am this morning - hardly drying myself I was straight onto the bike for a work commute and let this rather unGlasgow like weather dry me.......quite fantastic.
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    shadowone1shadowone1 Posts: 1,408
    Normally I wouldn't post a report on training, however last night I'm certain I had a bullseye on me.

    Set off on the bike and everything was fine(except from the cycle computer working). Left the road where I lived and there was some traffic lights. As I got to the lights they went from Green to Red, I still went although clearly the woman who was at the other side wasn't too impressed. We had some verbal exchanges but as a cyclist, you come to expect this.

    I then proceed to tackle some hills in a lower gear, fully seated. Yip everything going fine. heart rate ok, time was better than normal. Then as I was going downhill (very fast, although don't know how fast) some loser decided to tail me for about 500m. I felt very uncomfortable and tried to get him to pass me but no.

    Then came the best bit. I proceeded up some country lanes where its quite hilly and technical and not a word of a lie, I was acosted by cows. The farmer was moving the cows out of the field and a young bull took exception to my red bike. I therefore had this bull wanting a piece of my bike and me trying to jump over a ditch with bike in hand....... the farmer then blames me and tells me it a public road,..... yes like farmers pay road tax......

    Ok so set off again and I'm aero now, going down a rather long hill and a cat (yes a cat!!!) jumps out at me about 3ft into the air, legs pointing in every direction and it was spitting. Not a word of a lie it was like something out of you've been framed. I literally papped myself..... at that point I decided 20k was enough and set off home to go out on a run.

    Run was going fine, despite having taken on too much water and I could feel it sloshing around in the stomach and then bang..... I was sick.... twice.

    Stuck at it and done 8k..... I still had a good session but I really was laughing to myself at times.

    Oh well.

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    gavinrigg06gavinrigg06 Posts: 176
    They all must have read your earlier post, and placed themselves waiting for your arrival.

    At least you laughed about it !!
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    very very funny training session, laughing out loud at that one.

    Very brave of you to even attempt a run, the way your luck was going!

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    BexHBexH Posts: 226
    He he he, I just read that out to my work colleague who isn't into tri stuff and she wet herself laughing too especially the cat bit!
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