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heavy legs... heavy heart Prt 2

Ok guys so I had a good few days rest and I've been feeling really good and my heavy legs feel better.

A few things worrying me though, prior to buying my new saucony's I've been using a pair of Nike, which if I'm honest were prob really not best for running it. However, on the ball of my foot I feel like a stone is caught in my foot but if I feel around nothing feels out of the ordinary.

I went for a gentle jog in the new shoes and they really felt better but then this morning its as if the lump is back again. I'm generally a heel striker and not a forefoot striker so I'm wondering if anyone else has come across this.

My next tri is on Sunday and I was hoping to be pain free but its looking like I'm going to have to grind this one out.



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    nivaghnivagh Posts: 595

    Do you have any tightness elsewhere causing it as a secondary problem?
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    Jack HughesJack Hughes Posts: 1,262
    I've had similar sorts of things - which turned out to be too tight shoes across the box/or too tight socks.

    Check that the lacing isn't too tight...

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    pippip Posts: 170
    Isuffer with numbness in my left foot when cycling and then it gets worse when running,but i`ve just learnt to live with it so maybe you`ll have to do the same
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    shadowone1shadowone1 Posts: 1,408
    nivagh wrote:

    Do you have any tightness elsewhere causing it as a secondary problem?

    No other tightness at all, I do plenty of stretching prior to exercise.

    Oddly enough I do get a numb foot in the same place when cycling.
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