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really hacked off

did it say on website you paid on that it was for elites only?? maybe you could try and get your money back?? x


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    shadowone1shadowone1 Posts: 1,408
    Ok time for rant (my first for a while).

    I've done two sprints now and really enjoyed two well run tri's. Been looking for a sprint in May and plumped for one in Dalkeith (I'm scottish) and duely entered and paid my money via entry central

    Turns out that this is an elite event but the date seems to be confused. One web-site says 17th and the other the 24th May.

    i entered a thread on the tri scotland web-site as there seemed to be a lot of ranting regarding the midlothian tri to see if anyone had a better understanding and to ask if the event was open to novices like me.

    To be told that the event is clearly not for novices really pissed me off. Is my money not good enough? I appreciate that elite's don't want to be held up by folks like me which I why I would generally move out the road to ensure no-one who has a decent chance would suffer at my inexperience. Where the hell are you meant to get the experience if some nob tells you its not for novice, fair enough but I need to get better and the only way is to compete???

    Can anyone understand my frustration?
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    shadowone1shadowone1 Posts: 1,408
    No mention of it being for elites but it mere cheek of the reply thats really got me peed off.

    conehead appreciate the response and I'm really considering it but its a decent shift travelling from the west of scotland. I'd like to do a couple of tri's in england so I'm giving in some thought

    I'm not giving in these guys, I'm still going to turn up and give it my bloody best. I love when folks doubt me, its makes me sooo determined to prove them wrong. I'm going to compete (I know I'll get embarrased) and I'm going to take some time off my pb and thats whats important to me.

    Sod them all.
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    md6md6 Posts: 969
    Shadow, good for you. I'm not sure i'd be brave enough to turn up in that situation. I can't believe that attitude and they wouldn't make it clear before entry that it is an 'elites' event. That attitude would piss me off too.
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    Jack HughesJack Hughes Posts: 1,262
    @shadowone - I'm a bit unsure which event it is you are looking at... and I'm stuck in a hotel with no 3G. So googling and maps etc. is unbearably slow...


    On the 17th is _the_ Elite event, at Strathclyde Country Park. My crude knowledge of geography tells may that this is up (from my sassenach perspective) towards Glasgow/Motherwell - Lanarkshire, but Dalkeith is in Midlothian.

    It would be so amusing if you were doing the Stratchclyde one - it's a venue tryout for 2014 (commonwealth games?) and is being televised on Channel 4.

    Anyway, the point is that if there is another elite event on the 17th, then yours isn't going to be that elite! So go for it.

    By Elite do they mean "I own a wetsuit, have aerobars on my bike, and elastic laces in my shoes?"

    If it is pool based, then it does seem to be a strange sort of elite (although it is perhaps a bit early for open water swims up in the arctic wastes of Midlothian).

    Good luck. Tempted to come up and drown/hobble round with you.
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    shadowone1shadowone1 Posts: 1,408
    Conehead wrote:

    No wonder only 20 people have entered. Doesn't say anything on any of the information about it being an Elite only event, and its a pool based tri?

    I'm using this events as experience. The triathlon scotland web-site forum nobs suggested its may be a elite event. I even asked the question if this events was open to novice entries and to be told that its clearly not was what pissed me off. fair enough if guy that are entered are better than me but I need to start somewhere and I wanted to do one sprint per month and this was ideal for me as its fairly local.

    It was the way it suggested that it wasn't ok for me to enter that peed me off....

    Jack, feel free to catch up. It would be good to meet someone from this forum and go round with them.
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