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road bike/tri bike/ hybrid

Ok so I bought a road bike and stuck some aero bars on it.

What the hell is the difference between the three?

I'm also thinking of changing the handlebars on my road bike to better ones and was thinking about a more aero set up.

However I am thinking about buying a new bike before Aug and I'm hoping to have a budget of £1000 - £1500 dependant on WAT.

Can someone help me on what the difference is between the bikes, keep the existing set up on my current bike and whats the best sort of bike to go for within my budget?



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    Jelly legsJelly legs Posts: 278
    If i had my time again before i bought my bike i should of got this one


    However having said that in my opinion stick with what you have,( and start saving) get yourself into a position where your putting in some quality/good times then buy a slightly better bike.

    Its not the steed all the time, but the man on the steed that can make the differance.

    E.g if you weigh 20lbs overweight, then the bike your riding is not going to make that much differance, but if your hitting some good times, the bike will assist you make those times better.

    As for the differance,

    TT, is for time trials, it lets you get into an aero position easily, so that drag/wind, whatever you want to call it is not such an issue.

    Road bike, is exactly that.

    A hybrid is a bike used for commuting/cycle paths, if your serious about tri dont get one of these.( google info not mine)

    Gearing on a tt is higher to, i.e bigger gears= more power. If you buy a TT bike ask them to set it up as a road bike, drop handle bars, and add aero bars, it will give you more flexibility.

    hope all that is not to confusing.

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    jon_gjon_g Posts: 318
    there would be almost no point in buuying a tt bike and setting it up as a road bike. what distances are you aiming for? hilly courses? flat courses?
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    Jelly legsJelly legs Posts: 278
    Why not

    What you think the pro olympic distance riders are on ? tt Bike set up as a road bike.

    Its the iron men who ride the TT bikes as they are.

    As i said previously the Tt bike is set up with higher gearing, more power = more speed.

    Speak to Tri uk and ask them how many TT bikes set up as road bikes they sell a year, i think you might be amazed.
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    jon_gjon_g Posts: 318
    the pro oly distance racers are def not on tt bikes setup as road bikes. the rules dont allow it. theyre on road bikes set up as road bikes
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    jon_gjon_g Posts: 318
    oh yeah, and the general consensus (rightly or wrongly) is to spin an easier gear at a higher cadence so most tt bikes will have higher gearing so that they can produce the same power but for less effort
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