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Hi People!

Has anyone on here ridden the new Ironman route recently? It seems to change every year so I haven't found a decent course review, and the organisers have changed it again in the last few weeks!

The bike stage is a bit of a worry for me, and after the horrors of the Exmoor Half Ironman I was wondering if anyone could prepare me with a little info of what's to come next weekend!!!

I know there's a steep decent - is it as bad as the Exmoor one?


  • There is a review of the course in this months 220 Mag...

  • Hi Amazon

    I rode a lap yesterday and I found it challenging, the hill out of town is horrible, lyons gate goes on and on, and there are a couple on the return that were not my friends either!, also challenging was following the route where road names where mentioned yet there were no names visible, still made it around and am now wondering if it was a good idea enteringgiven that I train in a very flat area! the course is very narrow at points so passing will be interesting (for everyone else), the road surface was not too bad, I have cycled on worse (and a lot better). I am glad that I changed my cassette to a 12/27 as I am sure the 27 will get a good workout on the 3rd lap (and possibly the first 2 as well).


  • As far as know, the route's changed again and is different from what's in 220.

    The loop back at the top has been taken out and it goes further out and back at the top right.

    Be best to ride out the top loop on Saturday to see what it's like.
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