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Ironman photos

Does anyone know any of the websites for the unofficial photographers that may have been at the Ironman Uk this weekend??? I am so disappointed to find that the official photographers seem to have either forgotten or lost interest in us slower ones, and so I have no finish photo to display, show my family, or remember my day by......

I trained so hard for this, and am desperately disappointed I don't have any decent photos....

Can anyone help???


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    Hey..sorry to hear you haven't had any joy...

    You may want to check again, as a few more have been added for me.

    Was your number visible? It would be time consuming, but you may want to browse their pot of photos that they cant or haven't identified.


    Best of luck,


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    Hey Good news!!!

    I e-mailed the official company, gave my bib number and race finish time, a few hours later my finish line photos emerged alongside my others!!

    Good advice though, as I went through all the others and found a great running one of me in the lost and found!

    I'm a happy Ironman once more!!! [;)]
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