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Hi all

As a postgraduate student I have been investigating the area surrouding overtraining and burnout, the effects of this, and how it has impacted lives.

I've undertaken pilot studies in other sporting arenas, but as yet have not tested the waters to discover if there is a prevelence within triathletes - which is now what I'm beginning to do here.

Are we affected in our sport? Have you, or anyone you know been affected by this? Being individual athletes, absent from the pressure a team can provide, are we less affected by this phenomenon?

I'm very interested to hear any views, but am particulaly intrested to hear from athletes over the age of 25 - but with no upper limit.

Your experience could be recent, or it could be 20 years old, male or female, short distance or long, any standard athlete, I'd welcome any stories.

If people would prefer than PM me, I promise to answer all those that spend their valuable time sharing their experience, for e.g. how you recovered, and what you've been up to since.

My studies are being undertaken with a view to help reduce the physical and psychological illnesses that are suffered by many in amateur sports clubs by increasing knowledge and prevention needed for early identification signs.

And to provide a greater understanding of the surrounding issues for those that are recovering from this.

Thank you all for taking the time to read this - I know it's a long post!

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