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Regular training athletes please take a peek!

Hi all

I'm a postgraduate student at Exeter University , with the school of Health and Sports Science, and about to begin a study on overtraining. The main reason for the research is to raise awareness of what overtraining actually is, and to provide evidence based research on the effects this can have on people's lives - both short and long term.

I think many people have heard this term, but very few have the knowledge needed to really be able to identify the signs and symptoms, in themselves, others - and take preventive measures needed before the athlete experiences overtraining.

I'm looking for sports people that are undertaking regular training, of all ages (18+), all types of physical activity, and of all standards - novice to elite, to fill in a simple 'tick box' type questionnaire so that I might gather infomation relating to age, gender, and type of sport, that will enable me to see if some sports are more prevalent to this than others. Something which underpins the first part of my study.

Many of you may be coaches as well as athletes yourselves, or planning to become a coach in future years after you have 'retired' from competition. This type of research is important for coaches, education and awareness in this area can allow an individual to be identified at the early stage onset of overtraining, and as we all know - Prevention is better than a cure!!!

So here is where I hope people will engage with what I'm trying to do, I have a questionnaire which I am looking to get as many people throughout the country to complete as possible.

The only requirements are that your over 18, you partake in regular training, and that you own a pen to tick some boxes with!!

My Exeter University e-mail address is [color=#0000ff]acd205@exeter.ac.uk[/color]

I am happy to answer any questions, and will send a questionnaire to anyone that wishes to take part. I will even provide a means to get it back to me if you choose the postal option! But I can also e-mail it.

All information will be treated confidentially.

Thank you for reading this very long thread if you've made it this far!



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    AmazonAmazon Posts: 57
    Thank you for everyone that has been in contact so far.

    If anyone else is willing to simply recieve an attachment containing the questionnaire, fill it in, and send it back I'd be really appreciative.

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    bennybenny Posts: 1,314
    You can PM it to me Amazon, will fill it in if you want. One thing though: I'm in Belgium, so mail would be the best option.


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