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Got worse not better - HELP

I have taken part in the London Tri )sprint) for the past 3 years and hoped this year to move on well with my times unfortunatley my times were rubbish and I actually got worse than last year.

OK I'm down the back of the field anyway, but felt I had put the effort in this year and hoped the times would improve

Any ideas of how to inject some serious pace in for next year


  • TommiTriTommiTri Posts: 879
    I feel for you, its really frustrating when you have put in the effort and end up going slower.

    But what I think you need to do now is look at every aspect of your race and times and see where you could do with the most improvement. Maybe if you could post your times up here it may help with the advice giving.

    In general though, for the swim the best thing you can do now as you go into off season is really look at your technique. This means lessons, or training with a tri club, you NEED someone to look at your stroke and see where improvements in both speed and efficiency (which often come as a package) could be made. You should be doing at least 20mins of drills per session, one arm drills, kicking drills (on your side, no boards allowed!).

    For the bike again a good look at your pedaling technique is required, including some work on spinning in easier gears at high rpm in order to develop the pedaling in circles technique. This is gone through pretty well in the latest 220.

    With the running, if you have found you have hit a plateaux with your speed I may be time to bring in the interval training. Running at above and below your race speed will train your body to get used to running faster, and will raise you lactate threshold. This means that you will be able to run faster aerobically as the threshold into anaerobic respiration is raised, this should translate directly to more speed as you can maintain aerobic respiration and you won't use up or you glycogen.

    Running wise I highly recommend joining a good running club, they often cater for all abilities, so as you increase speed you can start running with the faster runners, who will often incorporate intervals etc. and they will push you harder and faster.

  • jasejase Posts: 47
    Hi there

    Cheers for the response

    Times for this year (and last year)

    Swim 19min (17min)

    Bike 51 min (50min)

    Run 32 min (30min)

    Last year I had just swam, run and cycled as training over random distances. this year I'd tried to train over the specific distances but really feel like I;ve plateau'd

  • TommiTriTommiTri Posts: 879
    Ok, just had a look at the london sprint times.

    I think you need to try a different approach to things, with the concentration over the next few months on your technique. What is your situation with the swimming? Are you in a tri-club and have coached swimming or private coaching? If not, then that is definitely your 1st step!

    I think a similar approach is also necessary for the bike and run, as i think these are definitely the areas that the most gains on race performance and time can be made.

    Again I have to reiterate the point of joining clubs, group rides with the tri-club and running with others at the running clubs will push you to train harder, and hopefully they will be able to help you with your technique. Also they will have the experience to guide you through the periods of the off-season, with the appropriate sessions, i.e. long rides in the base periods, etc, to increase economy.

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