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Best HRM / Speed Monitor

jasejase Posts: 47
Fancying a new HRM.

I've currently got a cheap Polar that only shows HR but fancy getting something a bit more technical that I can monitor my running speed with etc

What would anyone recommend - should I go the whole hog and buy a Forerunner 405 or is there better value for money out there?



  • md6md6 Posts: 969
    I have a 405 and couldn't recommend it highliy enough for running. However, it is alittle bulky and i don't think it is waterproof enough to wear for the swim, so it is only really useful (for me) on the run and possibly the bike. I think garmin are bringing out a new one which is waterpoof (310x or something) which i may invest in in the future...
  • han382han382 Posts: 80
    I have the Garmin Forerunner 50 and find it very good. I use it with the footpod (and as I use it so much have just sold my Polar HRM to buy the chest band to use it as a HRM as well). Key things (tri specific) are;

    1) it's price-you can get the full set for the £80 mark on ebay (watch, footpod and HRM strap)

    2) It's small enough to be able to swim with-I had mine under my wetsuit for the Eton 3/4 recently and it was great to be able to track my time-especially in the water where I didn't realy have a clue what time I would get

    3) The footpod stays on the shoe-so when in T2 I put on my shoes with footpod and kept to my pacing for the run-stops you going off too quickly (as your legs feel so strange it easy to over compensate and go off faster than you'd like) and also keeps you moving when you might start to subconsciously slow down towards the end of the run.

    4) Automatically downloads the data to your pc when in ragne so you can analyse sessions.

    I can highly recommend it-although I imagine the more expensive ones will offer more functions and perhaps more flexibility (one of the main draw backs for 50 is that you can only see 2 things on the screen at one time-so you wouldn't be able to see the pace, heart rate and time at the same time).
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