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1K: QR Planet X Wiggle or Light speed?

Please help me buy a bike with my hard earned cash!

I have saved my pennies for what seems like ages now and have 1K to spend using the cycle to work scheme. I can not go a penny of the 1K mark to utilise the scheme through work.

I am looking for a bike to last me for the next 5 years training & racing (sprint triathlon).

I am just under 6ft 2in tall & need help choosing a bike.

I had thought I had found the ideal bike from Wiggle Focus Cayo (?999) carbon frame and great spec + only 8.05 KG however the largest frame size is now a 56 which looks to small: http://www.wiggle.co.uk/p/Cycle/7/Focus_Cayo_2008/5360032366/

My other choices seem to be the Planet X SL pro carbon- (?999) carbon frame and great spec however it weighs 12.10 KG: http://www.planet-x-warehouse.co.uk/index.php?page_id=1049

The Quinta Roo Kilo (?999) looks like a good bet but is not a carbon frame and weights 14.07KG (?999 from Wiggle & Evens): http://www.rooworld.com/bikes/2006/kilo.aspx

I have heard lightspeed are good but I have not found anything that this is the bike for me.

Please can you give me advice on the best use of my 1K? One of the bikes above or something different/better?

Please help - Now I have saved the money it is burrning a hole in my pocket but I can't aforad to get it wrong. [8|]


  • Who is your Cycle to Work scheme administered by? It has a bearing on which bikes you can choose.

    Try this thread: http://forum.220magazine.com/tm.asp?m=15500

    Or this one: http://forum.220magazine.com/tm.asp?m=15869
  • It is administered through work who are sighed up to [color=#800080]http://www.cyclescheme.co.uk[/color]
  • I think you're reading the weights incorrectly. I have a Planet X SL Carbon road bike (large) and it weights just over 8kg with pedals. The weight you are reading is the frame weight which is 1210gm (1.2kg).

    I would also be very surprised if the Roo weighs 14kg.
  • Thanks for the thread on the weights. You are quite right I have made a mistake with he weights I am mixing up frame weights and total weights.

    Thanks Bopomofo for the two thread links. They are really interesting & confirm you can not top up the 1k cycle to work scheme. In addition to the bikes I have mentioned, the Dolan Mythos has been thrown into the equation. Can anyone give me a killer reason to pick one bike over another?

  • Alternatively you can choose a bike store with a 'flexible approach' to the cycle to work scheme. When you get your cheque for the bike originally quoted (sub £1000) you can then use it toward a bike of any value...ahem...apparently.

  • The Roo is a TT bike whereas the Focus and Planet X are both road bikes. I would decide what kind of bike you want first and take it from there.

    I went for the Planet-X because it's a very high spec bike for comparitively little money. I also considered the Focus as they've had some great reviews.

    Bear in mind you'll also need to pay for pedals + other accessories which will increase your spend.

  • I would prefer a road bike for its diversity however I will happily settle with a TT if I am going to get more speed out of it and compromise on the type of riding I can do. From what you have said the Planet X is currently in the lead. I am interested to see if this is a shared view.

    (Thanks for the warning on the additional spend - I have allowed for this but not upgrading components)

  • Funny enough I've just been on the phone to the ever helpful Dolan people, making some last minute changes to my order.

    I went with the Dolan Mythos mainly because I couldn't get a Planet-X bike through the Halford's Cycle2Work scheme. Having looked into it a bit more I felt that the Mythos offered a bit better value for money.

    I think the P-X bike now has a mix of parts which seem high quality (Dura-Ace, 105, Tektro?), so perhaps it is as much based on appearance and which brand you fancy. For reference, the Mythos is a full carbon frame, seat post & fork (the steerer is alloy). All the shiny bits (even the brakes) are Ultegra. Mavic Aksiums complete the picture - a decent budget wheel, I reckon.

    I'm only spending money on 1 bike, so I wanted the flexibility of a road frame. Having said that, I've got all the bits ready to convert to TT bars and shifters, so I'll push the seat fully forwards and see how she feels - I quite like the idea of a TT bike with a slightly less extreme geometry: comfy for longer distances, reasonable aero position for shorter races, and the option to quickly convert back to road bars and clip ons for IM (I hope).
  • I'm in a similiar situation.....you have to ask yourself

    If your intent is to purchase a bike that will be used primarily for triathlon, web sites recommend a triathlon bike.

    Then get measured, you may find this will change your choices.....

    I myself fancy a specialized 07 but leaning towards a QR

  • nivaghnivagh Posts: 595

    I see a few Planet - X bikes up around here, but then I'm based near Doncaster. They certainly look the part, and for the money the SL Pro looks very well specced.
  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    Just to throw my cap in the ring

    From what I have ascertained in my meanderings on the Interweb, a 'road' bike gives lots of flexibility in terms of domestic and pleasure use apart from events. It also uses a slightly different set of muscles than a Triathlon bike which is geared to get you off and running after T2, a TT bike is in between - a bit more aggressive in angle but still nevertheless uses the same muscle groupings as a road bike. A number of Triathlon bikes on the market actually appear to have road/TT geometry from what I can see.

    What are you riding now?

    Have a look at my post here http://forum.220magazine.com/tm.asp?m=17568&mpage=1&key=&#17571

    For flexibility go for the road bike configuration but I would do a bit more research on setting up a road bike for triathlon, the overwhelming evidence is that going 'aero' is the best bang for the buck but be aware of how that will change the ergonomics of your riding. Again do a bit more research in that area you may decide that a TT bike will give a good comprimise or decide to go all out for a Tri bike. Time spent on research will be well spent especially as you are looking to keep this as your main bike for 5 years.

    Another thought - what about renting? Any views suggestions in that area fellow triathlete chaps and chapesses?
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