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Hi all, I have begun training for my first tri-event, a sprint next june, but after reading about efficiency and injury prevention, I would like something to assist in my 'flat-footedness' (I over-pronate). Unfortunately I live in the back of beyond, so having my running/ feet looked at on computers in specialised shops is a bit of a non-starter.

Who would be the best person to see? A pediatrist, a physio, somebody else, to get an insole or something else to do the job?

Many Thanks


  • Are you clinically flat-footed? Have you done the wet test? i.e. wet you foot and step on a surface where you can see your footprint. As you say, if you are clinically flat-footed and have fallen arches you are likely to overpronate. The best thing for this is a shoe with a strong medial support, designed for overpronators and is intended to control the overpronation. But as you say, you really need to have this checked out. If you have done the wet test and you do have a full footprint without the indentation on the inside of the footprint representative of the arch, then you could go and see your GP, he will have a look at your gait and they should be able to give you information on the best place to go.
  • I was diagnosed as having flat feet when I was 10 years old and have been wearing special insoles ever since. I went to a sports shop in 2005 and got the whole video gait analysis done and as a result I ended up buying a pair of shoes that make me feel like i'm running in lead lined clogs- they were so huge. At the end of the day the insoles were meant to work for me and for the last 21 years I've just been sticking them in normal shoes, so I've gone back to normal trainers. I would go and get checked out etc... but get ready to feel like you are running on the moon if you have bad flat feet like me.
  • My experience with ordinary GPs is that they don't have a clue about the needs of athletes. The NHS provided me with orthotics, however when I later had a proper gait analysis done it turned out that the orthotics I ahd been given were not correct for my feet. Individually made orthotics made a huge difference and cured the niggling knee pain I had suffered for some time, and the person who made them for me said that he had seen permanent knee and ankle damage caused by incorrect insoles.
  • I live in the back of beyond, so having my running/ feet looked at on computers in specialised shops is a bit of a non-starter.


    Like you I live out in the stick too - west Wales for me ... great hills to train with!! But not a running shop in sight. If you ever get to the big city - or even a fairly little one, most running shops will see you there and then so it's worth bearing in mind. We try and get all these sort of things done when we go off to visit friends and family who still live near civilisation - it's worth a thought next time your on your way somewhere.
  • Thanks all,

    As luck would have it, there is a roadshow on feet coming to town!! LOL.

    Anyway, there will be treadmills etc around to monitor running, so sounds just the ticket.

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