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First timer!

Hi All,

Been lurking on here for a little while now picking up hints and tips.

Got my first Triathlon (sprint) this sunday, Nervous as hell.

Just thought I should finally sign up, say hello and try to start contributing.......once I have something to contribute [:)]




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    Welcome and Good Luck!!

    Just remember to smile as you go past the spectators [:D]
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    Got my first Triathlon (sprint) this sunday

    Where will you be appearing?[;)]
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    Smiling? Is that a 5th discipline no one has told me about? [:D]

    I'm "appearing" in the Rough Track triathlon at Eton (Dorney lakes).

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    Good luck David. I'm done 4 sprints and will be going Olympic at Clacton for the first time on Sunday.
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    Nope it must be about ninth after transition, nutrition, buying expensive red stuff, eating porridge and shaving[:D]
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    Thanks Cornishexile, good luck in Clacton too.

    Combatdwarf, you've now given me something to really worry about. I don't own a single piece of red gear. After becoming educated on the importance of red stuff via this forum, I realise that I am doomed to failure![:o]
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    Ah but I am sure if your bike is black it is that really dark shade of red that may be mistaken for black or if it is white it is that really light shade of red which may be mistaken for white (you get the idea)[:D][:D] and if you are really sure that you do not own a red bike then it just means next season you can get one and you will be even better and faster than before with limited effort[:D]

    Good luck

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    triadtriad Posts: 62
    Good luck David H. Fantastic. Don't forget your bike :) Truly welcome to Tri. Triad
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    bennybenny Posts: 1,314
    a red face is something red ..... [;)]

    PS: welcome, prepare to become a tri-addict (cause that will happen , correct me if I'm wrong next week!!!).
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    David, Dorney is a great place to do your first tri. Its not the best for scenary but it is pancake flat and good to pick up a decent bike speed- although sometimes it can have a cross wind which can slow you down a bit. One tip- you are probably going to be doing multiple laps on the bike and it will be down to you to count them up so it may be worth to think of a way to make sure you dont lose count. Some people use stickers or rubber bands on the bike and take one off after each lap to help them remember. having said that, it may be 2 or 3 laps you are doing which probably isnt that hard to remember!!
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    Hi All,

    Thanks for all the messages of encouragement.

    Benny - yep, a red face is almost a certainty so I should be good. Just hope the red face isn't due to a serious muck up in transition etc.

    Will report back after the event. I've got a feeling i'm going to enjoy it and seriously get the bug.

    Blaise - Thanks for the tip. it's a really good point and something I hadn't considered. I'm pretty useless at keeping count of laps / lengths etc so I will make sure i'm loaded up with some elastic bands just in case.
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