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Shocker - don't read this if you're good, it'll bore you

Anyone else partake in the F3 olympic distance at Dorney yesterday? I did and would say I had an absolute shocker in the water - with a tad of the panics and tight chest - I think it was because we seemed to have very little time to acclimatise to the water...I have never had this before.

Having debated whether to give up after lap one of the 2 lap swim, I carried on and got round the whole thing, so that was a positive. So I guess it was more about a mental challenge than a physical one, although that was my first olympic distance so I guess it was a physical achievement.

The thing that really annoyed me was the removal of the mats before I had come out of T1, so no split time...and there were still others behind me - slightly infuriating that they couldn't be bothered to make sure that there were no competitiors left!

Not as well organised as the Human Race events in my opinion...

No aches and pains today, so another plus.


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    BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    Not at all boring, but shocking perhaps in a way different to how you meant. For whatever reason you were not the first out of the water..but you deserve an accurate time as much as someone who was, did you pay less to enter? No. Did you ge a refund to compensate? No. I would guess the timimg stuff is an expensive rent, but it would be for a whole day, not by the hour & besides it isn't going anywhere before the last runner crosses the line one would hope. So good to bring this up..any organisers wish to comment. I don't envy the job of event organisation but come on..
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