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OW swim help - confidence has been demolished

First ever OW swim tri yesterday (beaver MD). Had the worse hamstring/quad cramps ever at 1k (21mins) into swim causing me to DNF the swim. I dont know why?

Any ideas anyone?

Looking back dont think I swam like I know I can, OW swim for me is usually better than pool, been OW swimming 3 times this year and was not worried about completeing the distance beforehad.

My HR was 160's in the swim, I was bombing along at 110 beforehad (resting normally sub 50). I was a little nervous and think I lost my focus completely. Did not sight very well (weak point) but have not had cramp like this before when swimming. It is my weakest discipline by far but have managed 1:35 for 3.8k in pool with no probs. Was well rested for the week. The only reason I can think of getting cramp so bad is that was so tense in my legs that it caused the cramps. I dont usually kick a lot and was not to bothered by the early clambering over each other (although it was an eye opener) did all this effect me?

Doing IMUK in 10 week and confidence at all time low with regards swimming.

Was lucky in that organisers let me do bike and run (took timing chip off) done 3hr bike and 1.35 run. Was not really focused in either of these and just got myself round for some training.

Help please with regards the cramp


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    WannabetriWannabetri Posts: 219
    The first question would be to determine where and how much of the muscle went into a cramp? Was it both hamstring and quad? Or just one of these muscle? (as I suspect it should be). Was it one particular muscle - be specific to the error?

    Have you had any previous injuries in the past weeks? What was your fatigue and training like up to the race? Where your muscles tired pre-race? Were you held in the water horizontally a long time before the race started?

    If you haven't a history of cramps, which I think you imply be your shear shock at what happened, then it could be any number of factors. Possibly even over-excitement in the nerves of the muscle!

    I would just take a stock look at all the circumstances that took place at the race, and review what was different to previous OWS and races. Your training sounds like it's going well and the fact you have the 3.8km down suggests you'll be fine come race day. Most important point is not to get caught up too much in the psychology of what happened.

    Great that you managed to complete the rest of the race, and suggests the problem is not an inherent problem as you biked and ran. Keep training and get back in the pool / OW asap to put the demons to bed!
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    sevenspudsevenspud Posts: 45
    Hamstring twinge first, thought no more of it. 200m later hamstring and quads in both legs.

    No injuries at all in last 20 weeks training. Had felt tired at start of week as had a big week the week before. (last saturday did 100 mile bike - 6hrs and then swam 1.2k OW in evening with just a little twinge in hamstring at end). Swam in pool on the monday and all was fine. From monday onwards dropped volume and intensity of training.

    We were not held in the water, infact you could stand.

    Hoping to do some OW races of smaller distances to get back into it and build confidence.

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