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Entry Level Bikes - Advice Please!

I am new to triathlon and I am looking for an entry level bike hopefully under £750 but would be willing to speand a bit more. I have been advised that the Focus Variado is a good bike. Does anybody know if this is so or whether there are any other better buy's around?


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    ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    An oft asked question - including by myself at one point,


    have a look at this recent thread


    and this


    There are several options when starting off, first of all know what size you need - do a search on bike sizing on this and the Interweb:

    1. Stick with an existing run-around MTB/Hybrid bike and get some experience and then decide whether to go down road bike upgrade or tri bike

    2. Buy a basic road bike, you can one from Tesco for £150, then of course there is Halfords and a good favourite ebay, get said experience including at some time bolting on some aero bars http://forum.220magazine.com/tm.asp?m=20293&mpage=1&key=&#20314 and then decide whether to go down road bike upgrade or tri bike

    3. Hire a bike, I believe about £100 a year get said experience and then decide whether to go down road bike upgrade or tri bike

    4. Go all out and buy a Tri specific bike

    5. Stcik with what you have and say 'sod it I'm having fun' - even saw a MTB with aero bars at one event - hey it worked

    Whatever you do try to resist the urge to splash out (from someone who has bought 2 bikes in 2 years) if you are looking to buy you may get some end of season bargains.
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    you will be able to get something pretty decent for sub £750 - particularly end of season bikes. I would go for a road bike rather than a TT.

    If you have an Up and Running near you I recommend going there to check out their Cube bikes (I recently bought a Cube TT bike from them and am very pleased with the spec I got for the price). They also give you free bike fit so you'll get the right sized stead.
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    Thanks for the advice. I would be a lot happier spending around the £300 mark and from what you have said it seems to make more sense than rushing in and spending more without having much experience.
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    ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    If you hunt around you could pick up a bargain at about that price. Wouldn't bother with a triple unless it is very hilly where you live. Have just done a quick search, you can pick up a Giant SCR4 for about that, I have a Giant SCR2 which was my first 'proper' bike (well I did have a Raleigh sit up and beg when I was 10 and a Halfords £60 steel MTB in the shed) and is a pretty good entry bike and well represented at events as is the SCR3, also Specilaized Allez but then you would have to spend a bit more but there are bargains if you know your size etc.

    If you can hook up with a local bike or tri club then you could bike up a tidy bike for that price.

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