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How do I go fast on the bike?

Does anyone know the best way to improve their cycling average speed, what sort of improvments to people see from season to season?

I'm in my second season of triathlons and am training for my first Ironman which is the distance that I want to specialise in. The reason why I ask is that I'm not sure if my cycling has plateaued somewhat or is this because I'm still building endurance for such a long distance?

Where do I concentrate my efforts first? i.e. technique, position, strength, endurance.

Is it worth going for some specialised coaching, plans off the internet, joining cycling club, turbo trainers (all my cycling is in the elements). Just interested to know what's worked for other people before I get shot down in a ball of flames on some specialist cycling forum.


  • grant1974grant1974 Posts: 262
    Before I start, I am no expert, I started riding regularly with my local tri club in October 07 in prep for various triathlons throughout 2008. Non of which I had particularly outstanding results in. However, my club mates kept telling me not to worry and to stop expecting too much so early in my triathlon career. It's probably also worth mentioning at this point I did nothing training wise before hand.

    So I spent the whole of last year struggling to keep up with group three (my club's slowest group), but slowly I started getting stronger, the biggest improvement jump has come over the winter just gone. I'm now riding with group two, I'm not struggling, and it's a joy to be chasing club mates up hills. So what's changed?

    Well I think my club mates were right all along, cycling endurance, skills and hill climbing is a combination of regular sessions all building that all important base. I think it just takes a long time. I have also started riding a lot of extra miles, with and without the club. All of this has combined into a slightly better cyclist!

    If your not already a member of a club, then defiantly join, you never know, you could be Lance Armstrong and just don't realise it! It's great to compare and get training knowledge. However, I also feel it's equally important to ride by your self, you will have to do it in competition, on club rides you can always hide in the pack on a particularly windy day. What happens if it's windy on race day?

    As for turbo's, personally I hate them, very boring indeed, plus there is only really a few weeks of the year when it just isn't safe to go out on your bike, plus there is no better substitute for a hill than a hill!

    Hope that helps?
  • you need to focus. become one with the bike.
  • TTX PROTTX PRO Posts: 225
    i agree with comanighttrain.It can be important,knowing the limits of your bike,what your bike can do,getting the bast out of it.Technique aswell plays a big part such as climbing hills effectivly,consistancy,shifting correctly,effective pedal revs.All can make a difference and positioning aswell,if your not in a confortable and relaxed position you wont become one with the bike.

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