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Pain when urinating after long ride

For the second week in a row after my long ride when I went for a pee afterwards it hurts but only then. I 'think' that this is my energy drink being too strong (which according to the intructions is what's suggested) or dehydration. Has anyone else experienced this?


  • Jack HughesJack Hughes Posts: 1,262
    Pressure from your saddle on your "nether regions"? Maybe an anatomical one may improve things. I wouldn't have thought it was the drink....
  • Ah, at last something I may have a little knowledge about and can offer some guidance...



    1) What colour is your urine, on a scale - 1 is clear like water and 10 is like Guinness ?

    2) How much fluid did you take on, over what period ( time)

    3) Any loin pain ( kidney area) bi lateral as well.

    4) Any pain radiation ( mainly to umbilicus and left illiac fossa) ( left hip)

    5) Why has it just started in the last 2 weeks ? Did you ride long rides before ? Same bike ? Same saddle ?

    6) Any Pyrexia ?

    7) Respiratory illness ? Cough or cold ? Ay productive cough, if so what colour?

    8) Normal bowel habits ?

    9) Recent change of diet ?

    10) Increase in alcohol intake in last 36 hours ?

    11) Does the burning only start when you start passing water of when you finish ? ( that does make a difference)

    Just a few questions I'd ask a patient if they had the same problem.

    Obviously you don't have to answer the above on here but if anything abnormal then see your GP or go to a walk in centre.

  • revershedrevershed Posts: 49
    Wow, people do frequent the forums on a Saturday night. Thought that was just me ;)

    1) Before my ride its clear, afterwards very yellow but I've read that energy drinks can cause it to be discoloured.

    2) 1 litre - during ride

    3) No pain

    4) No pain

    5) Bike is the same with no changes, have started riding different routes though that appear to be very bumpy

    6) No

    7) No

    8) Yes

    9) No

    10) Don't drink

    11) Just when passing urine

    Could my saddle need a adjusting so that it doesn't massage my prostate? Doh, I've just read the post above. Think I might adjust my saddle to point a couple of degrees to the ground from the front if that makes sense?

    Thanks :)

  • Clinically I doubt then if It's anything acute.

    Maybe just the route and road condition.

    Sorry I can't help much more than that dude.

    Do you have a turbo? try a ride of same intensity, same duration etc and see what happens .

  • jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    Badly fitting shorts,not joking,causing nether regions to get badly positioned and then road vibrations creating bruising??
  • revershedrevershed Posts: 49
    Cool, there's some useful info here. Come to think of it I've recently whipped out my summer shorts in exchange for the winter tights which have more padding. I did slightly adjust my saddle today so the nose was pointing slightly down to get the pressure onto my bum, went out for a test ride but can't tell if it helped - guess I need to recover from Saturday's ride first.

    This link seems to explain my symptoms:


  • It sounds like this is very likely the cause. I've had similar pain from being on a bike all day. You could change your saddle - I believe the pressure on your perineum can also affect your chances of conception.
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