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TCR - did anyone go - did i miss much?

due to visiting in-laws I was unable to attend despite being local to Sandown, did i miss much? Many bargains? was hoping to get along to get a wetsuit


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    BARNYBARNY Posts: 157
    Apparently they gave away a top of the range Obea!!! I woudl have gone if I'd known.. :o)

    Really though We don't want pikeys in triathlon... We have top be able to trust our bikes will be safe else the whole game will come appart - I hope the bike is recovered.
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    Hi Scott

    I went on both days! I travelled down from the Midlands so booked a swanky hotel and made a weekend of it (sad i know). From what i saw there wasn't much in the way of great bargains just a lot of kit to have a good butchers at and try out if you wanted to. I didn't take up this option but they were letting people try on wetsuits and have a swim in the endless pool to see how you liked it - a chance not to have missed if you are looking for a new suit!

    The seminars were hot and cold but i really enjoyed Chrissie Wellington - she was great.

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    julesojuleso Posts: 279
    I enjoyed it. We were there til the dying hours of Sunday and got free Gatorade cycling tops, and Hollie Avil's autograph, and I got splashed by Alistair Brownlee in the endless pool, which I'm hoping will improve my swimming! Not many people at the sports psychology talk, which was interesting (both the talk itself and the fact that people obviously think that the training side is more important than the mental aspect). Rick Kiddle's talk was good although he did kind of lose his way and overrun. He asked people to put their hand up if they've got a HRM, and then to put their hand up if they actually know what the numbers mean, and the difference was huge! All interesting stuff....
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