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Calf Trouble

Go home? Or if not an option (and in most places it won't be, Compression - hobble to boots or somewhere similar and see if you can get a calf support or a tubular bandage should compress. I guess that you can't massage it either at your desk?


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    Scott WScott W Posts: 51
    ...at Eton Saturday, as I said in my race report, the first few hundred yards of the run were painful to the calves, eased slowly but must have done some damage cos my calves are now agony, especially the right one!

    Swam y'day (45 min technique session) and calf was sore last night, hurt to straighten it this morning but eased on 20 min walk from W''loo to office...but now every time i get up from my desk it has seized and it bl**dy hurts....

    No expert, what do you think, tear? What is right treatment? (distinct shortage of ice in the office and elevation (feet on the desk) may look a bit dodgy to colleagues [:D]
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    Jack HughesJack Hughes Posts: 1,262
    1. RICE - Rest Ice Compression Elevation.

    2. Wait until the pain goes (assuming it is different from just a bit stiff)

    3. Consider a sports massage, or some self massasge (calves are relatively easy to do your self). Start to work on the calves to build strength in them - your hamstrings may also be tight and cause the problem. Hamstring stretch, calve raises etc (squats, lunges etc). I particularly like doing a one legged squat on a wobble cushion.

    4. Invest in some compression socks, compression tights (socks are relatively cheap). Review your running/racing shoes - if they've done more than 250 miles, look at some new ones, as the cushion starts to go. 1000 mile comp. socks are good - and can be had for around a tenner, even if they attract unflattering comments when you run!

    5. Some slow, steady runs, preferably on softer ground. This will gradually build strength in them. Some dynamic stretches beforehand (leg swings, squats etc). Some calf stretches afterwards.

    6. Ease off when you feel pain and straight back to 1.

    Repeat until you have completely forgotten about your calves! But keep with the gym/weight/strengthening work - you want to develop a good balanced programme. Once you have past the first flush of youth, it is far easier to get injured, and takes longer to recover. You will need more rest days too in the training schedule, than a 24 year old would need. Only slowly increase the volume. It may take you longer to get there than you planned - but quicker than if you break down.

    Good luck!
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    Scott WScott W Posts: 51
    Thanks guys, some good advice. Boots run at lunch for compression has eased a bit, off home soon. Will tell the wife I need to put feet up and watch Pompey vs Sunderland (probably be depressing as we, Pompey havent scored in 6 hours!)

    Will give massage a go (although its v. painful to touch at the mo) and yes, running shoes are in dire need of replacement.

    Hope it doesnt last too long, off to Florida on Saturday for 2 weeks and was hoping to get some running in around the development we are staying on
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