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Power Meters

I have read this months issue of 220 and was intrigued by the article about power meters. I understand the scientific concept behind using power meters through training but I also have a few questions.

Has anybody purchased a power meter, if so how much was it and would you recommend one?

How difficult/easy are they to set up on the bike?

Are there any specific brands/products that i should be looking at?

I understand that power meters are very expensive so I have been looking into monthly rental via www.cyclingpowermeters.com, has anyone used this website before and the rental facility, is so would you recommend it?

Any help would be great


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    treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    By all accounts you have to get the expensive ones thousand quid plus. Zipp sell wheels with them factory integrated, but others are available. One of the cycling magazines did a group test on them recently, I can't remember which came out on top but I do remember that the cheaper Polar (fit it yourself) did not really cut the mustard.

    I dare say that they are necessary kit for any fulltime/elite cyclist or triathlete

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    treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
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    agent_tiagent_ti Posts: 306
    To set up they are fairly easy (just switch the wheel in, or put a new crank on), and in terms of price they are both pretty expensive! The SRM is supposed to be marginally more accurate, though i think now you wont really know the difference between that and the powertap.

    To choose between the two, you want to look at the compromises between them. With the SRM, its built into the crank, so great if you have a set of training wheels on your bike, and put some race wheels on for the big day, its still gonna work! Obviously this wont work for the powertap (unless both your training wheels and race wheels have one), but the advantage of these is that if you have a training bike and a racing bike, you can just switch the wheels between the 2, darn site easier than swapping out the cranks
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    Have a look at the ergomo as well. Also you can rent power taps form the following site, if you like them and find them useful you could then buy one.

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