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Chain rust

I took the plunge 2 months ago and spent (what I deem as) quite heavily on a bike and I have just noticed today flecks of rust on the chain which has put me into shock!

Now I know nothing of bike maintenance and can honestly say I have only oiled the chain once and cleaned the frame once, this isnt because I am lazy its just because I havent got a clue what I am doing when trying to maintain my bike.

Can anyone give me advice as to how I get rid of this rust and prevent it happening agin in the future? Any products people would recommend or free online resources to teach me about bike maintenance?


  • bathtubbathtub Posts: 280
    The Park Tool website is very usefull.


    On the left hand side you will find "Repair Help", click on "Repair How-to's",

    "Select a Region" box appears, click on "Miscellaneous Topic"

    You will find "Bike Washing& Cleaning"

    Have Fun

  • treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    You ned to clean and maintain the bike after EVERY ride. This means buying some Muc-off or the like, a set of brushes some basic tools and a can of either WD40 or a teflon based lubricant.

    Spray the bike ALL OVER with the muc off, then go inside fill a basin with hot water, put some soap or concentrated Muc-off into the water and give it a good going over with the brushes. Then take an old towel and dry it down especially in any areas that water can accumulate. Also take note of anything odd with the bike (worn brake blocks etc) and use the tools to mend it. Then take your spray on lubricant and spray the whole bike, giving the mechanical parts & chain extra attention, wipe off any excess with a cloth, but excess lubricant will do no harm. ps I found the chain cleaning tool to be a pain and find that I get much better results using a suitable brush and elbow grease

  • graham33graham33 Posts: 265
    Bathtub - thats an awesome link! thanks[:)]
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