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Triathlon second time round - advice?

I am considering training to compete in at least a couple of Olympic distance triathlons next season. I have done a couple of triathlons last summer but havent continued competing this year because I have moved from the North East back to the North West and have had too many commitments to commit to the sport. Any way without giving you my life story, as I say I am considering coming back into the sport again.

Basically im wondering how to approach my training over the next 2-3months which I know is classed as off season by many but I want to fully get into the swing of things by the start of the new year. Would most people focus on volume work during this time? I havent swam consistently for a year, and havent really been out on my bike for the same period. I have continued running and am going to do the Great North Run in a couple of weeks so in terms of volume work I should be ok running wise. I go in the gym to do upper and lower body weights 3 x a week at the moment.

Im thinking at the moment that I should do 2 x cycling/week, 2 x swimming/week, 1 weight session, and 1 run. Do you think this would be effective for the next 8 weeks (after the great north run) till I get upto scratch on the bike and swimming?

Any other suggestions as to how I can use this time most effectively? Im looking to compete early on in the season around May if that helps.
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