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So those of us doing IMUK this year will have got the email about the Nutrition Package this morning. Now I'm assuming that there are lots of these promotions over the coming months, but does anyone think any of them are actually worth it, or just another excuse for us to splash money of things we dont really need?


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    Yeah, I got the same package and I am a bit um and ahhh!

    While, I do want to try the nutrition products that will be available on the day, I am a bit sceptical of buying so much when I could take one bite, one mouthful or one sip and totally hate it.

    Easy enough to get hold of powerbar gels and snack bars but Gatorade appears to be invisible in the UK shops!

    Be interested in how some people who have used Powerbar for IM nutrition think of the products.
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    My tip, I got both the emails as well (signed up to the 70.3 and full). I went onto the TriUK website to have a look and found an even better deal!

    For £10 you can get 12 gels, 12 bars and a gatorade powder and bottle. Thats about a 70% saving - so I ordered 9 packs!!! I figure it should keep me sorted for quite a while of training.

    I think its a good idea though, nutrition is almost the 4th discipline (or 5th if you count transition!) so practising early and seeing what your stomach needs and can cope with is kind of key.

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    BopomofoBopomofo Posts: 980
    Wannabetri: our local Sainsbury's has a shelf full of Gatorade. Try looking in your local one.

    I just noticed as I was picking up my usual fix of Lucozade sport, which is currently half-price, £1.45 for 4x500ml.... makes the pre-mix cheaper than the powder. I ended up buying gallons of the stuff and now have a garage full of it.
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    al_fordal_ford Posts: 119
    Doh - and I've just ordered the promo pack! I knew I should have checked on here first.

    Good spot armstrong_jack, if this Gatorade stuff suits me I'll check out the Tri uk packs next time.

    I'll let yo uknow what's in the 'free' goody bag - all they said when I asked was that it was a surprise. Guess that'll be cap, drinks bottle and T-shirt which are all pretty much useless then...we can but hope for something truly useful.
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    al_fordal_ford Posts: 119
    Free goody bag consists of spinervals DVD for turbo training, a swimming net mesh bag thing and water bottles.

    Lived up to expectations then!
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