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windsor triathlon

Hello all. Have been reading the forums for a while. Find the advice of you all very interesting. Im a tri newbie, doing his first duathlon in a couple of weeks and then tri's. Im just about to enter for the windsor tri and the eton sprint the month before in may. These may be my first tri events and wonder about the swim in the Thames. How difficult will this be as I presume you swim against the current. Running and cycling ok, swimming definately my weakest disciplne, but have plenty of time to work on it. Maybe I would be better of starting with a event in a lake or pool, but really fancy doing Windsor as it seems an excellent event. Thanks


  • BoycieBoycie Posts: 189
    I did Windsor as my second ever olympic tri. I had the worst swim I've ever had, 38 mins. But it isn't that bad. You swim against the current on the way out and with it on the way back. Make sure you do some open water training first and have some good goggles.

    My big problem was that the marshalls made a mistake with my number in registration and by the time I'd sorted it out I got in the water about 20 seconds before we set off, so I wasn't well prepared, and my goggles fogged over within 20 seconds of the start and I swam blind most of the race. Oh and I'm not a very good swimmer.

    Get your preparation right and you will have no problem.

  • Hi Ronster, the Eton event is at Dorney Lake so you'll be fine there, it's a nice swim normally. Super Sprints this year was my first ever tri and a great one to start with.

    I'm planning Windsor for the first time next year. Was surprised to see people walking in the shallows at this years. Surely that shouldn't be allowed.

    Anyway, hope to see you there!
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