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Base level of fitness for a newbie over winter

I’ve purchased The Triathletes Bible and to be honest couldn’t really make head nor tail of the training plans.. as a rough idea as a base level of fitness would it be a good enough start to be completing the oylmpic distances in each discipline once a week by Christmas? With the addition of several gym classes or gym sessions on top? I have a view to really step up the training in the new year, but one goal at a time...... Scott


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    GHarvGHarv Posts: 456
    Anything is possible.

    However, The first question has to be........................................................the hair?!!

    Then the next one has to be what position are you starting from now? Do you swim? Bike? Run? at the moment and if so in what quantity?

    The third question has to be........................................................the hair?!!

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    treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    just get ot and do the miles.

    Do 3 key sessions per week all long and steady. How long and how steady depends on your current ability and fitness level, and then fill in the other days with intervals and shorter , faster training.

    Something along the lines of Monday long swim, Tuesday short fast run, Wednesday long steady Turbo session, Thursday short fast run, Friday long run, Saturday recovery or light run, Sunday long cycle.

    Monday, Friday and Sunday are the key sessions and should not be missed.

    Do your swims nonstop, do your long run at the border of the comfort zone do at least 4 hours non stop cycling (best with a club)

    Distances speeds are down to your fitness.

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    My current idea for a training plan is:

    Monday - rest day -walk at lunch - Body Balance in evening

    Tuesday - Swim at lunch (30mins)

    Wednsday - swim before work (1.5Km) - Track running session at night

    thursday - Spinning before work

    Friday evening- bodypump followed back-to-back with spinning

    Saturday Cycle - I'm going down to my local Tri club next weekend 2/3hours

    Sunday - 10k+ run either race or training

    I will also probably pop down to the gym at other lunches to work on strength,

    I'm already doing most of this - actual cycling is the only thing I'm missing and that's why I'm going to try my local Tri club..

    I played second Row 3 weeks ago in my first game for 20 months (since my knee injury) we won and I scored a try - although I think I probably had the worst game of my life!! being sprint Tri fit didn't tranfer to rugby fit!!!

    and the hair.... wear it pink day at work!

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    zoezoe Posts: 28
    just out of interest, what's the logic behind continuous long swims at this time of year?

    I would have thought most people's technique would fall apart by mid-way through- which effectively looses the benefit of the session.
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    BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    Build up to longer distance, keep going until tech goes pear & then longer next time or after a drill session as recovery..building that base.
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