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Vitruvian AND New Forest Middle? Is 14 days enough rest?

So... I'm still undecided on which 1/2IM to do this year, the age old question of Vitruvian or New Forest, both have pros and Cons to the extent that I haven't been able to decide (although the forest cottage with private hot tub does have a very big tick for New Forest!!)

So the wife says, why decide, why don't you just do both??

What are people thoughts on 2 1/2IM races with 14 days between them??

Is it enough time to recover and be competitive enough for the second, bearing in mind I'm not going to set the world on fire this year with times (that will come next year!!).

As I'm still at the beginning of my holiday year I could quite comfortable arrange to takes lots of time off around Sept to recover/recuperate if that would help...

How long does it take to recover from a 1/2IM?

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