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Hi Vis Running Jacket

Hi all, can anyone recommend a Hi Vis Running jacket please? for my runs to/from work I have worned my Cycle jacket in the past but it's just not breathable enough and I'm having difficulties finding a suitable running specific jacket..

I would prefer it to be Hi Vis as I have to run down some country roads without paths... but I welcome any recommendation..



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    I found nowt wrong with good 'ol Ron Hill clothing, Eeeeeebay seem's to be rife with it too
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    BlinkybazBlinkybaz Posts: 1,144
    Hello Scott, Hows the ankle?

    I dont bother with fancy expensive Hi viz jackets. I just through on my winter running kit and a builders belt and braces waist coat jacket. If you get a mesh one it is the most breathable thing ever.
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    treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    Try that waistcoat in your photo!
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    Ankle is ok thanks Blinks - Saw physio today and she says I can now try some low impact training (crosstrainer, some cycling in the gym etc..), thank God!!! just thought about cycling in tomorrow but will leave commuting until end of week... after basically a week off training I'm so frustrated and eager to get going again I'm going to need to be careful...

    Cheers Tri - I'll have a look for some bits off fleebay.. have you any waterproof/resistant recommendations?

    Good though about builders vest - I strangely remember owning one at home.... doesn't everyone????

    Treefrog - Waistcoat was one I had made for my wedding so can't really use it for sport [;)] and it still doesn't quite fit properly!!

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    ah, advise for waterproof/resistance clothing ??? got this weird thing 'bout being not to fussed about a drop of rain [:D]
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    I discovered a hi vis waistcoat in poundland the other day.. says on the front suitable for builders, walkers, cyclists etc. It is the mesh type- my bargain of the week! [:D]
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    bennybenny Posts: 1,314
    Great new pic Scott, truly brings out the colour of your eyes.[;)]

    So, your favourite colour is green, isn't it?
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    Benny - how did you guess about my favourite colour????[:D]

    Tri-Dwarf - I used to be a real man, but since I've started Running then into Triathlon I've become a wuss, it started with a compression top, then some cycling tights, followed by running tights (these tights are not pink nor do they match any of my dresses!!) and finally I recently went out running and I wore a pair of gloves....

    how you've shamed me.... you could call me southern shandy drinker but I've given up the booze so I don't know how to define myself anymore [:o]

    I should probably ban myself from writing on this forum too late at night as I seem to..........
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    BopomofoBopomofo Posts: 980
    This is all useful stuff: I've been running lately in my DHB windproof cycling jacket, but it is so unbreathable that I get wetter inside it then if I just left it at home. Nice.

    The only thing that stops me just going out in my running shirt when it is raining (like Tri-Dwarf) - and I'm sure I'm not alone here - is that a soaking wet running shirt always seems to give me a nasty case of nip rub.

    I could always train wearing my tri-suit, which has been fine in all conditions from 30degree sunshine to snow and hail, but I do have some dignity. Also, my run takes me past the school at 08:30 and the sight of me in lycra would probably kill all the school mums.

    How good are these 'waterproof but breathable' fabrics like gore-tex etc? I've never really believed the hype. Do they work?
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    BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    All the ones I have tried end up being a portable sauna once over light jog pace. I do the layering of shirts thing, a tight base layer, underarmor, nike pro etc keep rubbage on sensitive skin to a minimum & wick sweat away, then just a looser wicking shirt & off I go.
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    BlinkybazBlinkybaz Posts: 1,144
    I have only used Gore-tex coats when mountain hiking, they are great but like Britspin says if you anything over granny speed you tend to melt inside.

    I have been using a running jacket i bought in Lidls of all places. Its good but I dont think any sort of water proof breathable fabric will be as good as they say.
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