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New Forest Middle or The Vitruvian??

funny how often this question comes up


from a few weeks ago. I've never done either race, but I think I'm going to do vitruvian this year, I also live in leicester so I'm biased!


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    So this year's training gone has gone really well so far and I'm really positive about the coming season.. I've already achieved a couple of personal goals.. (weightloss, fitness etc..)

    I have now decided to enter a middle distance race at the end of the summer (September) to cap my season off.. I have narrowed the choice down to New Forest Middle or The Vitruvian.

    What are peoples opinions and recommendations..

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    I'm doing the New Forest. But like Tommi Tri, probably biased as live closer to there than the Vitruvian. First middle distance race for me and I had picked this out last year and set this as my goal for 2009. My clubs middle distance championships are at the Vitruvian though so it was a tough call.
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