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Training on a mountain bike training until my new bike arrives

I only have a ancient racer that isn't really suitable up for long rides, and while I’m waiting for Santa (or my saving account) to deliver a new road bike, will I still see benefits from completing my long rides on a mountain bike? My thought is as the bike is heavier and with the off road tires, if I put in the miles for the next few months by the time my new road bike is purchased I will have done "extra" training?

I guess I'm asking if I put in the hours how much does it matter that I'm using the MTB?


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    treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
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    I'm new to triathlons and road bikes, I trained for months on my mtb before buying my road bike, and you will benefit in fitness for sure.

    I also found timing myself on routes, on my mtb. Then doing the same route on new road bike was good training incentive to see how much faster the road bike is. The bigger tires and heavier set up will but require more effort to propel so it will be like 'jogging with ankle weights on'

    I count mtb as training in my weekly regime. I like to mix up training as much as I can!!

    this is just my opinion and how I train so hope it helps!!

    get out on that mtb!!!
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    BlinkybazBlinkybaz Posts: 1,144
    If you can cope with noise of those chunky tyres you benifit! The whole set up of sit up and beg on a MTB is a wind resisting nightmare. You will smash your best time on a MTB when you get what I presume it a RED and BLack shiny road bike.

    Lets hope Santa the bank manager is kind this festive season!!1
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    JulesJules Posts: 987
    I trained (and competed) all summer on a hybrid bike - far more MTB than road bike! It's certainly worth it, the alternative is no bike training after all.

    Plus it will feel great when you buy a road bike and knock loads of time off. I just did one of my regular rides on my new road bike and took 10% off my best mtb time at the first attempt - and that included about a minute lost dropping my water bottle and having to go back to retrieve it!
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